Color Catalog Retrieval System v2.1

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Color Catalog Retrieval System v2.1

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Automotive Paint Research Development

Complete Paint R&D Department

Our R&D works on the development of a wide rang other technologies, such as green technology.

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Better prices better automotive paints

Product Offsets

We prodive Better quality paints at Better competitive prices in order to pass the savings down to you.

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green automotive paints

New Product Releases

Combines Qualities of New Solvent based products that are VOC complient.

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AlsaRefinish Paint Remover PR-1000

AlsaRefinish Improved Paint Remover PR-1000 active ingredients work as well if not better than other brands to remove paint from all surfaces.


Alsa Refinish Catalog

You can find all of our products in our Digital Catalog, including:

- The Axiom product line

- The Alsa Refinish coating product line

- The Formula 77 product line

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intermix system

Intermix System

Axiom is the newest addition to the AlsaRefinish product line. Axiom was designed with two goals in mind; creating the automotive industry’s Highest Performance Coatings that also meet California’s LOW VOC standards

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go green


Learn how we're trying our best to protect the planet.

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