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Exotic hardwood finishes are among the newest additions to the FX Sheeting line. With Burl Wood sheeting you can make that boring backsplash look like a dashboard in an Exotic luxury car!

24" wide - Burl Wood
Price (per square foot)
Price (per 1 linear foot)
2 to 60 (square feet)
$ 14.00
SALE $4.20
$ 28.00
SALE $8.40
Available in 2 feet wide roll and sold in increments of 2 square feet. The film will be cut at the linear foot quantity ordered.
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Alsa Burl Wood FX Sheeting
Sold by the linear foot (2 feet wide x 1 foot long)
For Higher Volume Pricing Please Call to Order
Price (per sq. ft.)
62 to 120 (sq.ft.)
$ 12.00
122 to 300 (sq.ft.)
$ 10.00
302 to 1500 (sq.ft.)
$ 9.50
1502 to 3000 (sq.ft.)
$ 9.00
For Higher quantity Orders or Special Orders please contact us directly at 323-581-5200.
Dealers / Distributors Welcome
Alsa Double Edge Trimmer
Double Edge Trimmer
Can cut single side or both sides simultaneously. Ideal for cutting a perfect edge.
Price: $32.00    
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Alsa ChromeFX copper bike
FXSheeting "DELUXE"
Sample Pack
We have just added 9 all new incredibly detailed Peel-n-Stick laminates to our HUGELY popular FXSheeting product line.
Experience the same ease of application, with the added looks of high tech Carbon Fiber, aged Coppers, and even Deep Burl wood patterns these are Automotive Grade materials same as found in high end luxury cars only now available with an easy Peel-n-Stick backing allowing you to bring these incredible effects into your home for use on countertops, walls, doors, or any other surface!
Price: $85.00
13 Pieces (6"x12" each)
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