Killer Chrome is simply the finest ground metallic pigment available anywhere. This assures a mirro-like finish every time! A far cry from other would-be chrome spray paints which do not deliver what they advertise.

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Alsa’s Killer Chrome Kit allows you to reproduce right at home, in your workshop or garage a chrome look on nearly any substrate and without the need for any spray equipment.

Alsa Killer Chrome KITBy simply using the Killer Cans Black Basecoat followed with the NEW (1K) clearcoat that will air dry in 24 hours or be fully cured in 30 minutes at 140˚ F. Next apply the Killer Chrome with a dusting action and allow to dry (air dry 1 hr. / bake 15 min.) You are now ready to apply your final (1K) topcoat Mirra Clear..

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 Killer Chrome
Alsa Killer Cans
Includes: 1 Killer Can of Killer Chrome

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Alsa Killer Cans
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Jet Black Speedshape
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Stone Garden Gargoyle painted with Killer Chrome and Cobalt Blue Candy around the baseCertainly you've seen the spray paint with the perfect looking chrome cap on the shelf at the store, and maybe you even bought some, only to spray it and find out it's simply silver paint. These companies use a "Real" chrome process on the caps in an attempt to deceive you into thinking you have bought something that will produce that result but when sprayed you see that it is not chrome at all, and far from Killer Chrome.

If you really want to impress try combining Killer Chrome with ANY of Alsa's other Killer Cans. Combinations are unlimited with things like Cobalt Blue Marble Chrome. There is no reason to stop at just chrome. You could even cover Killer Chrome with Crazer in a can (Black) then Candies in a can (Cobalt Blue) and the options are endless.

Remember the adage "less is more"? Well it is in full effect here. As with our MirraChrome, over-application WILL result in a duller finish when topcoated. To avoid this ALWAYS apply the Killer Chrome with a "Dusting" motion and remember to keep your can at least 8-10 inches from the surface you are spraying.

DO NOT use KILLER CHROME like a regular spray paint. This is "metal deposition" and using the proper technique will insure a beautiful finish.

Always apply KILLER CHROME over a high gloss substrate using a light "dusting" action.

• High Output-double normal aerosols
• Larger Spray Fan
• Excellent Atomization
• No pressure drop during application
• Quality Automotive Coatings
• Time & Labor Savings
   – No paint mixing
   – No spray gun preparation or cleaning
• Material Savings
   – Complete use of paint
   – High transfer efficiency
   – No cleanup thinner
• Application Savings
   – Less overspray-cleaning & polishing time

• TradeMark > KILLER CANS
   – US, Canada, Europe, Turkey & China
• Patents
   – US Patent Pending
   – European Patent Pending

Killer Chrome application guide:
NOTE: If you already have a SMOOTH black surface you can skip to Step 2 of the application process.
How to Apply Killer Chrome

STEP 1. - Apply the Killer Cans "Stylin Basecoat (Jet Black) KC-ASB-13" over a prepped and primed surface.

STEP 2. - Using the Killer Cans "Mirra Clear KC-MCLR" you should now topcoat the black basecoat to provide you with a High Gloss surface and insure the best results with Killer Chrome.

STEP 3. - These parts should now be allowed to FULLY cure for 24 hours.

STEP 4. - You are now ready to apply the Killer Chrome over the previously prepared piece. Begin by applying light “DUST” coats. Do NOT SPRAY WET LIKE A SPRAY PAINT! This is a true metal deposition and requires a light, EVEN, application.

STEP 5. - Continue to apply these “DUST” coats until you have achieved a uniform coverage and allow it to dry for a few minutes before proceeding.

STEP 6. - You will now use the polishing cloth (included in Killer Chrome Kit) by carefully washing with water to remove all of the excess “dust” from the surface. Once you complete this step you will notice a drastic improvement in the final appearance.

STEP 7. - Be sure all moisture is removed prior to moving on to STEP 8.

STEP 8. - After waiting at least 15 minutes for all of the remaining solvents to fully evaporate you are ready to apply the protective topcoat "Mirraclear KC-MCLR".

STEP 9. - Spray 1-2 coats evenly over the Killer Chrome to give it long lasting durability and an incredible amount of depth.

WARNING: “Speed Clear KC-SC1230” is for professional use only and requires the use of a NIOSH approved mask in a well ventilated area.
Click here to view the MSDS/TDS
*Please see our video for further reference.
** Warning: Killer Cans are highly flammable. Please take care in storing and applying it away from open flame or high heats. It is also poisonous if ingested, so please store it away from children.
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Our customers continue to blow us away with their inventive use of our products. Richard Surroz may have taken the cake with this intricate and adventurous mod. He was featured in a recent issue of CPU magazine:

"A three-month labor of love, Autopsy houses a life-sized model skeleton typically used for medical education purposes. Surroz used automotive-quality paint to give the skeleton its look. He first painted the skeleton with glossy black and then applied a clearcoat. Surroz finished the skeleton’s eye-catching look with a light dusting of Alsa’s Killer Chrome paint. “The paint expands and bonds to the black but doesn’t completely cover it,” says Surroz. “It gives the most realistic chrome look in a paint that I’ve seen.”

Autopsy’s “guts” exhibit the same level of craftsmanship as its exterior. Surroz used a quad-core Intel Q6600 overclocked to 3.1GHz with help from a Danger Den TDX cooler. The CPU and a watercooled BFG 8800 GTS 640MB sit in an Abit Fatal1ty F-190HD mobo, which rests on a custom UV blue motherboard tray from Danger Den."
Killer Chrome Killer Chrome
Killer Chrome Killer Chrome
Killer Chrome Killer Chrome

1967 GTO Car Guitar
Steven McSwain

This is too cool. Steven used our Killer Chrome paint to put the finishing touches on this custom guitar. The level of detail is incredible. Check out his website for more amazing creations!

Killer Chrome Killer Chrome
Killer Chrome
Examples of Killer Chrome applied over ceramic tiles and ABS (plastic) speedshape. Also see our Killer Chrome video presentation.
Star Wars figures showing Killer Chrome.

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The following Videos demonstrate the ease of application and possibilities Killer Cans can provide.
2007 SEMA Show
Killer Chrome Demo
Killer Chrome Demo
Killer Chrome
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